Our six year old daughter Ella really enjoys going to ballroom dancing with Lola.. Not only has she learned a new style of dance which will serve her well later in life, she has also learned about working with a partner, discipline and an appreciation for following her own path. Lola is a wonderful teacher and imparts her knowledge in a very committed and efficient manner all the while making you feel part of the family. We would definitely recommend her as a dance instructor.

Bill and Trish Kent

To all interested parties, interested in Lola’s Dance Studio. I found her to be professional in her outlook and her teaching skills and confidence in taking on new students and letting them believe that they can dance and dance confidently.

Secondly, the atmosphere at Lola’s very relaxed and very friendly, and guarantee you will leave at the end, of every dance lesson with a smile on your face, and confidence within yourself. You will be looking forward to the next dance lesson.

Lola’s professionalism and friendly approach have given me confidence in learning Rock n Roll, something I have been wanting to do for thirty (30) years, with out a doubt she is the best in the business.!!

Ray Wensley

ps Lola You Rock

My Husband Colin and I have been dancing with Lola for about 5 years now. We really enjoy our Friday nights, we do not only learn new dances, we also have fun. Many dance companies are very serious and this is fine if you are planning to go further, but most of us go to Lola’s to learn to dance socially. If you wish to learn more seriously such as for Weddings etc. then you are best to have the private dance lessons with Lola.

We have made many lovely friends through dancing with Lola. Lola is so passionate about her dancing she will have you dancing all night, until you sit down for a rest!

Jules Brown

Hi, my name is Sarah. I have been dancing with the lovely Lola for just under a year and am thoroughly enjoying it. I do both rock’n’roll on a Monday night and Latin/ballroom on a Friday night; in addition I have also been learning to dance both the lead and follow.

Dancing with Lola is often a fun and lively experience, with all of the dancers receiving personal attention and consideration. Lola is very patient…even with those who claim to have two left feet! On both nights there is a variety of ages and experience levels – and everyone always achieves something during the night.

I personally love my ‘nights with Lola’, as she has such as wealth of know-how and knowledge of the dance and music world and is always happy to tell us her stories and extra dance tips. Most of the regulars, myself included, have often said how much more we learn with Lola in a few nights than in months or years at other dance studios.

After my time at Lola’s Dance Boutique, I know that I will have a love of dance for of the rest of my life, and in addition I can get up onto any dance floor and show them how it’s done!

Sarah Lopez

“We have been attending social dance classes with Lola for two years. Lola always makes us feel welcome and accommodates everyone in class having regard to their individual abilities and dance interests. Lola’s instruction is excellent. Lola teaches basic steps by demonstration and then observes couples while they practice. Lola builds on basic steps each week which gives her students an excellent repertoire of dance steps. For us, this has meant we are able to dance confidently in social settings, such as at weddings and on cruises, regardless of the type of music playing and the dance space available”.

Louise & Stephen Edmondson

When I started dancing at Lola’s Dance Boutique I was a novice. Despite being uncoordinated and not a natural dancer, in just a few months I have had so much fun learning a variety of dances and have now reached a stage where dancing is really enjoyable. I have found it easy to follow Lola’s instructions during the lessons and this together with the dance scripts that she provides it did not take me long to feel comfortable with the various dances. Lola is renowned for her professionalism and expert technique and this together with her patience and good sense of humour make learning how to dance such a pleasant experience. With her charming personality she creates a lovely atmosphere at the dancing sessions and everybody soon seems to have feel relaxed and part of a friendly big family.


We decided to take up ballroom dancing as way for us as a couple to get some exercise together and saw it as a chance to spend some time together as a couple away from kids and routine. We were a bit nervous as we both are not very good dancers but Lola made us feel so comfortable and special right from the first moment we made contact with her via email. Dancing on Friday nights is the highlight of our week, the classes are so much fun and we have made some great new friends. Lola you are an amazing dance teacher – your professionalism and expert technique combined with the dedication and love that you have showered us with has been an absolute blessing in our lives. We not only consider you an awesome dance teacher but a family friend. Thank you Lola.

Rod & Wendy Farrell

My husband and I joined Lola’s Dance Boutique in February 2009 with the intention of establishing a common interest as we prepare for retirement. We wanted something that would keep our minds and bodies active and provide a social outing with a purpose. At first we were very un-coordinated and thought we’d never get the hang of it, but with no more than 5 couples in the class and Lola’s endless patience and technical expertise we began to grasp what was going on. The venue is delightful at Willow Vale.

We are now able to undertake the Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha Cha, Salsa and Rumba not perfectly, but well enough to perform credibly on the dance floor. Lola has a personality second to none and her vitality and sense of fun provide great motivation.

At a recent “Supper Dance” held at her studio we had a great time mixing with other couples and showing off our new skills. Everyone took a plate, and we could hear each other talk over the music. Our decision to undertake Ballroom/Latin Dance Classes was an excellent one, and something we can enjoy for many years.

Chris & Bev Tucker

My husband Gary & I first started lessons with Lola March 2004 after watching her dance at the Sharks Club and wishing we could get up and have fun dancing. No it has not taken us 4 years to learn to dance we are not that bad now and Lola is too good a teacher. Our very first lesson showed how much help we needed. Lola was very patient and started us off with the very basic steps. Even though there where at least 5 couples in the class Lola gave us all individual help when we needed it. And even split us up when we were getting frustrated with one another. (This was quite regular at the start)

What makes Lola such a good teacher! The passion Lola has for dancing and the enjoyment she gets out of dancing makes you want to dance and enjoy it just as much. Why are we still having lessons you may ask. We have fun as a couple, we enjoy the company of Lola and the people we dance with every Monday night plus we learn all different kinds of dances that keep our minds and feet working hard.

Without Lola and her great dance studio we would just be sitting at home in front of the TV. wishing we could get up and have a dance together. We would like to thank you Lola for making our Monday nights full of great dancing and lots of fun.

Gary & Di McCullum

Hi my name is Donna Day, I met Lola during 2005, where I entered her Dance Studio and wanted to learn Rock n Roll, I found her spirit beyond just a Dance Teacher and could clearly see she was the best in the business, if you want to learn to dance correctly: ie how to really move she is it….

Again her spirit is a hidden pleasure to be a part of, she never gave up on me, even after 4 years, I promise you she is a Lady worth knowing…

Kind regards,

Donna Day

I have always wanted to dance like in the movies. As I had a partner at a time who wanted to dance too it was the best time for me to start. I wouldn’t have chosen better than Lola’s dancing school. Lola is so dynamic and passionate about her work and more so she is extremely patient.

The way that Lola carries her step on the dancing floor makes you just want to go along and it is almost easy! She is adaptable, passionate and resourceful in her teaching I wouldn’t recommend any one more than Lola as a dancing teacher.

I wish her great success and hopefully I will get back into dancing one day.

Claire Brassard

Dear Lola,

Thank you very much for the lovely End of Year party. We thoroughly enjoyed it. You had organized it so well and everything went smoothly and the music was particularly pleasant. Your wide-ranging talents never cease to amaze me. We felt spoilt by our certificates, the beautiful home baked bread, the music CD and the Lola’s Dance Boutique towel, which we will of course leave lying conspicuously on the table whenever we dance. Thank you also for the very kind words you said when you introduced me.

With fond regards,


Thank you Lola for being such a wonderful and patient teacher. Your dance lessons have been the highlight of our wedding preparations.


In my opinion Lola is a professionally focused dance instructor who is vibrant and passionate about making a difference to people lives through the art of dance. She is sensitive to the needs of each individual, encouraging them to enjoy the experience. Even those with what may be described as “left feet” will find that Lola has the ability to teach in such a way that you will come away from each lesson feeling that you have made such an achievement that the next lesson cannot come soon enough.”

Pamela Pennisi-Dixson, Brisbane.

I’ve attended Lola’s classes in ballroom, latin and rock ‘n roll. All have been a most enjoyable and worthwhile experience. The classes are small enough for Lola to give her individual attention whenever it’s needed. Her cheerful good humor, patience and understanding made learning a pleasure.

They were always fun nights and Lola’s unique style and deep understanding of dance stood the classes apart from others on the Coast which have sameness to them. I believe I can always pick one of Lola’s students on the floor for the little”extras” they are able to add.

Peter Joseph, Gold Coast.

I have been attending Lola’s Dance Studio @ Willow Vale for 12 months and in that time I have gone from having two left feet to a confident ballroom dancer, I have also taken up rock and roll and belly dancing. Rock and Roll and Ballroom I am in the advanced class, but have only just started Belly Dancing. Lola’s form of teaching is fantastic she expects nothing but perfection and she delivers perfection, I don’t think I would have learnt so much in such a short time, if it was not for Lola’s professionalism, she is beautiful, patients of a saint, firm but fair, encouraging, tolerant, all these qualities in my opinion makes her the best dance teacher I know.

She turns heads when she walks into a room when we all go out dancing, and when she is on the floor you cannot take your eyes off her, she is known everywhere she goes, and I am proud to be one of her up and coming student, I know I will never be able to dance as good as Lola, but if I can get in a quarter of as good as her I will be a very happy person, one of our dance mates Gary Gibbons calls her “Madam Butterfly” and he is right, “She slides, glides, wriggles and moves, we all stop and can’t take our eyes off of her, there is no-one compared to her “Madam Butterfly (Lola)”.

Donna, Cabbage Tree Point.

  • Classes were lots of fun – a great way of keeping fit and having fun at the same time.
  • Great teacher – very patient and understanding with us beginners.
  • High standard of teaching.
  • Very good value for money as Lola never worried when she went over time if one of us needed a little extra help and very reasonably priced.
  • I liked the fact that at the end of each class, Lola would go around the room and take each one of us for a dance with her. Dancing with a professional felt really good and made me feel like I could really dance as Lola had the habit of making you look good on the dance floor when dancing with her!
  • What more can I say! Try it out for yourself and you won’t be disappointed
Martina & Steve Nay, Gold Coast

From the initial lesson at Lola’s Dance Boutique the final one, we didn’t stop laughing and having fun. I know we must have been a challenge for you at times Lola but you were always kind and encouraging. We greatly appreciated all your patience and enthusiasm and for making our lessons good fun. Many thanks for your fantastic teaching. You have an infectious personality and your presence both out on the dance floor and in your studio adds that touch of class. There is little point in doing anything in life if there is no challenge associated with it, but the personal reward and satisfaction makes it all worthwhile. Thank you not only for your teaching but also for your incredible support and friendship.

Lola’s dedication and commitment to the dance industry has been developed the highest level over the years as a successful competitor, a Judge, a musician and a Professional Performer, she is strongly committed to the studio as a Professional and her knowledge and experience makes her one of the better teacher we have known. Since our introduction to Lola’s Dance Boutique we have met and made many friends and have maintained long term friendships with them., as well as developing a special friendship with Lola and Ian (her husband The Sheik). Thank you again for being in our lives.

Jenny and Glyn Evans – Coomera.

I would like to provide an insight into Lola as a person as well as a dance teacher. About 4 years ago I was watching a video recording of the Pan Pacific Masters Dance competition. One couple really stood out for me – not because it was two ladies dancing together but because I felt their dancing outshone all the other couples on the floor. – Especially the lead dancer. My comment at the time was “I want to dance like that lady!” After much effort I finally had a phone number to call. After asking “Are you the lady with white hair who dances the lead?” I made arrangements for private lessons. The only problem with this was that I lived in Rockhampton and Lola was in Willow Vale – a distance of 700 km! Not to be daunted by this I started traveling to Brisbane every couple of months to cram as many lessons as I could into my visits. Lola was very giving of herself and I gained a lot of insight into swing jive and slow swing and I feel that my dancing improved under her tutelage.

On a personal level Lola took me under her wing and invited me to stay at her home on these visits and I also began attending social classes. From this I made some nice friends to go out with. During this time we organized a swing jive workshop in Rockhampton and we were lucky enough to have Lola visit and teach some technique to 32 very appreciative students, along with our local ballroom teacher. This was his first introduction to this style and thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you are looking to learn to dance with style and flair I thoroughly recommend Lola as a dedicated teacher and a caring and thoughtful person.

Lyn Heenan

My wife Marj and I have known Lola both as a Dance teacher and as a very successful competitor for almost 10 yrs.In this time she and her pupils have enjoyed a great deal of success in competitions,demonstrations,etc. This is due not only to her acknowledged talents, but also to her meticulous teaching methods. In addition to Dance, she also has a number of Music students whose developing skills we have enjoyed at her annual Christmas festivities.

We were once dance teachers ourselves and so are able to give an informed opinion. We know how hard she works and wish her continued success in all her activities.

Phil Hilton, Paradise Point.

I have been dancing Rock’n roll for a few years. I decided to attend a different style of dance lessons. My friend Cathy suggested for me to have lessons with Lola. I enjoyed the experience of learning Jive Rock’n roll and adding more flair to my dancing.

After a few weeks, I was invited to dance Triples rock’n roll with Cathy and Lola. Lola was our coach. I knew that with my eagerness to learn and Lola’s experience and precision, our all girls dancing trio was going to be great. We learnt many new steps, lifts, jumps, drops and props. The three us were very successful with our dancing. After a few more weeks passes, Lola and I decided to dance as a partnership. We entered many competitions up and down the South East Coast; on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and at the Wintersun Festival in Coolangatta. We reached the finals in every rock’n roll and swing dance competition, including the QRRA State Titles. One of the highlights was the Master Games in 2002. We won the open invitational in Swing, as well as three gold, one silver and one bronze.

There was one competition where Lola’s experience and instructional skills were demonstrated. We had entered a competition in Brisbane. Leading into the competition we trained hard on our routines, including many jumps, drops and props. Just before we entered the dance floor, the announcer read out the rules. He said the competition was floor work only- no jumps, drops or props. We needed to modify our whole routine. I was worried that we couldn’t continue in the competition. Lola didn’t panic; she turned to me and told me to follow her lead and not to take my eyes off her. To our delight, we made the finals and won that competition. The trophy proudly sits with many others that Lola and I had won during our two-year partnership.
I believe Lola is an experienced and dedicated dance instructor. She ensures each dance step is executed with precision. I learnt a lot from Lola and I thank her for the great memories.

Susan Moore, Southport

Thank you for the integral role you played in our special day! We could not have been more delighted with the dance you choreographed for our wedding! You certainly have a real talent for what you do!

Thank you,

Love Carriae and Michael

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