Rock n’ Roll Dance Lessons

Whether you’re interested in competition or just some social fun and fitness, Rock n Roll dance lessons are exciting, high energy and fun for everyone…

With Rock n Roll music coming into fashion around 1955, the protest driven youth movement converted the Boogie Woogie (a fast-paced partner dance featuring lifts and acrobatic elements) to the even sportier Rock n Roll dance.

The most obvious feature of Rock n Roll Dancing is its kicks and acrobatic elements like lifts, jumps, throws and flips. Today’s Rock n Roll is a mere show and competition dance and – with the exception of its name – has nearly nothing in common with the former Rock n Roll movement.

Rock n Roll timing is on the 4/4 measure and may be danced in pairs or as formation dancing. Because of its amazing technique, high speed and acrobatics; Rock n Roll is continually increasing in popularity.

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