Jive Classes

If you thought modern Jive was something you’d like to try, but thought it might be too hard, then Lola’s got the style for you.

Jive lessons are Fun, easy to learn and commonly danced to the hottest tunes and latest hits.

During World War 2 American soldiers found that they could not dance the Jitterbug and other US based dance styles with the local French and European women, a need was created for something new and light hearted. From there Modern Jive was born, where easy steps and technique created a new style that could be enjoyed by all.

Since that time, Modern Jive has the versatility to express a range of emotions within the dance, which provides the freedom to express your own sense of style. Modern Jive is a dance style practised around the world under many other names. Jive Dance lessons at Lola’s offer all the fundamentals of Modern Jive dancing in a friendly, fun atmosphere and there is no partner required – you dance with everyone!

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