Belly Dancing Classes

Enjoy the culture, artistry and fun of Belly Dancing and express yourself with this exciting dance style…

Belly Dancing in ancient times had strong connections with fertility and eroticism. Being performed at weddings in many Middle Eastern countries, Belly Dancing creates a closeness between the bride and groom (who had never met), provide a blessing of fertility whilst entertaining the guests. Today, however, Belly Dancing is enjoyed for its artistry, ethnicity, beauty and fun!

The movement in Belly Dancing is an accumulation of many Middle Eastern regions, including; Lebanon, North Africa, Egypt, the Arabian Gulf and Turkey. This is a result of cultural exchange throughout history, both through trade and the shifting of national boundaries.

Aside from the joy of learning a beautiful dance art, enthusiasts at our belly dancing classes note the following benefits;

  • Strengthening, reshaping and renewed acceptance of one’s body
  • Greater freedom and range of self expression
  • Relief from back pain
  • Familiarity with different musical styles and cultures
  • Spending time for yourself
  • Bringing joy to others
  • Girl time
  • Great Fun

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